Pueblo Magico 



Nestled at the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains, the town of Todos Santos looks toward the Pacific Ocean set against rich field of peppers, palm groves and mango and avocado trees. Pueblo Magico is a designation from the Mexican Government that means "magical town," and has been given to a handful of the most historically and culturally rich towns in the country. Todos Santos is one of only two in Baja to be given this distinction. 

While Todos Santos was established as a mission in 1723, it did not prosper until the mid-1800s when sugar cane growers moved to the area. By 1900 there were eight sugar mills and the port at Todos Santos was busy shipping pallets of sugar. Eventually sugar gave way to vegetable farming, orchards and ranching. 

Todos Santos is home to painters, filmmakers, writers, musicians, chefs and intellectuals. They organize festivals and workshops, have opened new galleries and restaurants, all of which adds to the eclectic vibe of the community. Try Mexican wines the Gastrovino Festival in the summer, walk around to the galleries and little shops selling Mexican crafts, tour the historic homes with the Palapa Society, eat your way through a taco tour, have a margarita at the Hotel California, take a yoga class, meet with a shaman, meditate - it's all here.

In the past twenty years Todos Santos has slowly emerged as a center for culture and cuisine. With its evolving art community, festivals, farm to table restaurants, and a relaxed atmosphere, Todos Santos is becoming a favorite of savvy travelers.