Eat Well

The abundant offering of fresh food is helping put Todos Santos on the map as a foodie destination. The area is rich with farming, fishing and ranching. A number of roadside stands and shops offer the fresh produce, fish, cheese and local specialities.  


Fresh Produce

Local veggies are available from roadside stands and our neighborhood "Whole Foods" is called Agricole. A short drive from the Palm Orchard, Agricole is a co-op with a bounty of fresh, organic produce. It offers an incredible array of locally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh chicken and cheese, Mexican wines and honey, breads from local bakers and more. Local restaurants rely on the produce, oftentimes harvested just hours prior to the meal. Don't miss out on the veggie burritos made every morning! 


Local fisherman launch their pangas from Punta Lobos beach each day. Fresh tuna, yellow tail, shrimp, snapper are frequent catches. Fish tacos and ceviches are staples, and sushi makes an appearance on menus all over town. 

Dining Out

From taco stands to fine dining. The local food has attracted chefs opening new garden restaurants Hierbabuena and Jazamango, and fostered institutions like the Santa Fe. Our neighbors at Rancho Pescadero often host well respected Mexican and US chefs for foodie weekends.